Tan Kim Hock   

153 Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho, Malacca

Property Location
The Tan Kim Hock is conveniently located at 153 Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho, Малакка.

About Property
The Tan Kim Hock Hotel is operated by the same family which founded the famed local products specialty shop of the same name. The hotel is located 15 minutes from Bandar Hilir in a suburban district. It is premised within a multi-storied building with tourist-class furnishings and level of service. On the ground floor, a branch of the family local products specialty shop, which also sells imported Chinese merchandise, can be found and has become a popular tourist stop. A few restaurants are located in the neighboring blocks.

Property Amenities
Please inquire us about the business and other amenities at this property by reservations@myhotelzone.com

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