Silveroaks Gwendoline Motor Lodge   

Cnr. Fenton & Gwendoline Streets, Rotorua

Property Location
The Silveroaks Gwendoline Motor Lodge is conveniently located at Cnr. Fenton & Gwendoline Streets, Роторуа.

About Property
Rotorua is a very beautiful place in New Zealand and also a very popular tourist destination. Plenty of visitors come here all round the year. The place is filled with many tourist attractions and the tourists are enthralled to see the magnificent sceneries all around. There are plenty of hotels in Rotorua, among which the Silveroaks Gwendoline Motor Lodge is quite popular. The inn is suitable for both the business as well as pleasure travelers, and it offers a very comfortable stay.

Property Amenities
Please inquire us about the business and other amenities at this property by

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