Nuevo Hotel Samaritano   

CARRERA 45 45-25 Medellin, Medellin

Property Location
The Nuevo Hotel Samaritano is conveniently located at CARRERA 45 45-25 Medellin, Medellín.

About Property
This new hotel is located in downtown Medellin, strategic point of the city, 50 meters from the San Antonio Park, three blocks from the San Antonio station, one of the most important shopping areas, with easy access to Theme libraries, Pies Descalzos Park and others. The beautiful rooms are decorated with a cozy style, offering the necessary comforts for a pleasant stay. The staff is trained to provide a quality service for a fantastic vacation. The hotel provides peace, comfort and excellent service with the best prices. This popular property offers an ideal place of rest and relaxation.

Property Amenities
Please inquire us about the business and other amenities at this property by

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