Motel 168 Aomen   

715 AOMEN ROAD, Shanghai

Property Location
The Motel 168 Aomen is conveniently located at 715 AOMEN ROAD, Shanghái.

About Property
Motel168 Ao Men Road Inn, located in the intersection of Chang De Road and Ao Men Road, is one of the finest motels in Shanghai. Motel168 Ao Men Road Inn features a variety type of rooms in a total number of 183, and also provides with 168 special rooms. Motel168 Ao Men Road Inn is equipped with a large-scale parking lot to convenient the coming customers. These facilities allow for a warm family environment for motel distinguished guests. Motel168 Ao Men Road Inn's Merrylin Cafeteria is a casual restaurant within the motel. It consists of both of Chinese and Western-style cuisine, coffee, and bar. And it boasts a Western elegant atmosphere in each location. Motel168 Ao Men Road Inn is intent to create an ease, clean, convenient and comfortable environment for all the distinguished customers, and also strives to meet customers’ hotel expectation through its professional service and amenities. As Motel168 Ao Men Road Inn declares “The customers’ needs are Motel168 Ao Men Road Inn's priority concerns.” Motel168 Ao Men Road Inn hopes to be the ease home during your travel.

Property Amenities
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