Lakes Cairns Resort & Spa   

2 Greenslope Street, Cairns

Property Location
The Lakes Cairns Resort & Spa is conveniently located at 2 Greenslope Street, Cairns.

About Property
Lakes Cairns Resort & Spa offers a relaxed village atmosphere with spacious modern Cairns apartments set amongst 11 acres of lush landscaped gardens, lakes and beach lagoon pools.The Hotel Amenities and Services at Lakes Cairns Resort & Spa put the hotel in league with the best hotels in the area. The tranquil village atmosphere is truly the most wonderful thing about the hotel.The Tanks art centre is also situated in the same area. This art centre is the storehouse of the magnificent show pieces of the extraordinary talents of local artists and craftsmen. Lakes Cairns Resort & Spa offers an extensive natural experience, including exceptional boardwalks, botanical gardens and rainforest walks. Lakes Cairns Resort & Spa is the real toast for nature lovers who have come to Cairns to cherish their holiday in the lap of peaceful greenery.

Property Amenities
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