Grand Chancellor ChristChurch   

161 Cashel Street, Christchurch

Property Location
The Grand Chancellor ChristChurch is conveniently located at 161 Cashel Street, Крайстчерч.

About Property
Christchurch is well known for its natural beauty and has a lively entertainment scene and strong cultural heritage. While you are on a trip to the magnificent city of Christchurch, stay at one of the 4 star hotels in Christchurch that would make your stay a comfortable experience. Grand Chancellor Hotel in Christchurch is an eminent hotel and is liked many travelers from all over the world. The international travelers would be able to reach the location of Grand Chancellor Hotel in Christchurch within a short time since it is placed in the middle of the CBD. The prolific room facilities at Grand Chancellor Hotel in Christchurch are designed accordingly so that it suits the sophisticated tastes of all international travelers. Check out the extravagant hotel amenities and services at Grand Chancellor Hotel in Christchurch during your short or extended stay at the hotel.

Property Amenities
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