Golden Palermo   

CALLE 37 78-47 Medellin, Medellin

Property Location
The Golden Palermo is conveniently located at CALLE 37 78-47 Medellin, Medellin.

About Property
The hotel is located in Medellin, just 650 meters away from Laurel Park, is brightly decorated and offers many services to help guests have a pleasant stay, while enjoying the attractions of the city. Its location enables easy to find entertainment venues nearby, either for the whole family or for couples who decide to enjoy themselves. Rooms are modern, minimalist, but colorfully decorated and have adequate facilities and the latest technology, so that all visitors to a quiet place to rest and recharge your batteries so you can continue to visit this beautiful city. The hotel provides guests with a new proposal for young and innovative accommodation, with the amenities required by today's traveler.

Property Amenities
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