Coco Palm - European Plan   

Box Gm 605, Gros Islet

Property Location
The Coco Palm - European Plan is conveniently located at Box Gm 605, Большой остров.

About Property
St. Lucia\'s newest and coolest four star boutique hotel. At Coco-Palm, the guests will experience the French Caribbean style that is expressed throughout the property. Coco Palm offers all the modern day amenities one has come to expect and yet it maintains the true Caribbean flavor. Coco Palm offers the modern amenities that the guests may need during their stay by combining them with its local hospitality.Coco Palm provides personalized service those of families, couples, business and fun lovers for years. The guests need to come and check it by themselves and experience the best mean of holiday.

Property Amenities
Please inquire us about the business and other amenities at this property by

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