MyHotelZone and TripAdvisor offer exciting new way for hoteliers to acquire bookings directly on hotel website and TripAdvisor using simple model.

This will allow your hotel to sell rooms DIRECTLY without any third parties and save on commissions.

The integration of the Internet Booking Engine (IBE) will be done at NO COST.

MyHotelZone booking platform is an effective, secure and flexible solution, fully customizable to match your website and easy to use by customers.



MyHotelZone's all-in-one platform is customized for specific needs of rentals and allow to efficiently manage any number of:

- vacation rentals
- apartments for rent
- villas
- cabins
- cottages
- timeshares
- holiday houses
- chalet, lofts, lodge and other property rentals

Different pricing for small, medium and large businesses from USD 0.



We are glad to introduce the Hotels For Blogs - a custom hotel booking platform for travel bloggers and travel-related websites.

This is a turn-key solution for travel blogs that allows to monetize internet traffic by offering online hotel booking to readers and followers.

Hotels For Blogs can be combined with other affiliation program of the blog. It can be integrated in any design and style of your choice - from a sole link to fully branded.

As a multilingual and multifunctional solution, MyHotelZone Hotels For Blogs platform will match needs of your travel blog.



MyHotelZone offers mutually beneficial partnership program for websites.

This is a custom solution for:

- travel related websites;
- news portals;
- leisure websites;
- ads websites.

With our partnership program your website can offer to its visitors new service at NO cost.

Our partnership program perfectly fits to news and leisure websites, advertisement and thematic websites, to big portals and small and medium size websites.

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